About Navimodal Logistics

Freight forwarding on a level you have not experienced before

Every month, approximately 20 ISO tanks arrive in the port of Rotterdam. Peter, trucker at heart, waits for the terminal to be granted access. Once the gate opens, he starts the engine and drives to the stack where his tank container is located. Without too much delay, the container is placed on the chassis and Peter can continue his daily routine.

Only a few months ago, Peter was afraid of losing his job. The client for whom Peter is driving experienced many difficulties when importing and exporting the ISO tank containers. Because customs and local obligations towards the shipping company were not well arranged, the collection of the containers almost always delayed and therefor high amounts of demurrage had to be paid. As a result, the costs regarding the profits were too high and the client considered stopping the trading of the products.

Luckily one of the owners decided no to give up so easily and called in the help of a freight forwarding agent. Thanks to the expertise and network of this agent, a new concept for the organization of the supply chain could be implemented. From now on local requirements and custom matters already met on arrival of the vessel in the port and the tank containers can be collected within the ‘free time’. Moreover, the delivery time is now shortened in such a way that the company can supply the products much faster then the competition. As a result, the contract with the most important customer is extended and the total market share is significantly increased. The product line is now one of the most profitable of the organization. By using ‘green’ alternatives, the organization also contributes to sustainability and a reduced burden on the environment.

Logistics as growth factor

Above scenario is based on an actual situation at one of our customers. Using our expertise to help organizations optimize their logistic processes, that is what makes our freight forwarding hearts beat faster. We are Marc Verkerk and Wesley Visser, and we ensure that your supply chain is to contribute to the growth of your organization.

There is a high probability that you ended up at our website because you are not satisfied with the current organization of your logistic processes. Or maybe you want to focus on importing and exporting goods and you do not know where to start.

In the world of freight forwarding and intermodal transportation it can be difficult to find your way, especially when you do not have much experience with logistics. We understand that as an entrepreneur, you want to engage with what you are good at and what differentiates you from the competition. Every minute you spend on activities that you do not excel in will be at the expense of your distinctiveness and impeded the growth of your business.

Would not it therefor be a great relief to outsource the organization of your logistic processes to an expert, making sure that from now on your supply chain no longer impedes your growth but makes a positive contribution to this?

A distinctive approach

We started Navimodal Logistics because we noticed more and more freight forwarders lose their focus as they grow. Many companies find it attractive to offer one or more transport modalities in-house and thus lose their independence. And is not this precisely what is at stake? To support the customer at all times providing them with the most economical solution?

We get a thrill out of it when we can offer customers the best solution and really make the difference in their logistics chain. Our slogan speaks for itself; the services we offer are not unique, but it is the way we approach it that makes the difference! When you give us a call, you will directly get to speak to either one of us without being connected several times first. Personal contact is what makes us happy and where we can offer great value. Thanks to our size, we can respond to market developments much more quickly, where bigger companies often miss opportunities.


Do you want to know which difference Navimodal Logistics can make for your organization? Contact us and we will gladly give you a personal advice!