Intermodal Logistics

Navimodal Intermodal Solutions

When you are responsible for the transportation of cargo, you would like this to go as smooth and efficient as possible. However, when it comes to intermodal transport you have many possibilities to choose from. Navis Intermodal Solutions is specialized in offering intermodal transport solutions and can take away your logistic worries. We make sure you always get the best and most cost-effective transport solution offered!

Sustainable and efficient transport by rail and barge

Rail and barge transport to and from the port of Rotterdam is fast, efficient, reliable and sustainable. Transit times are short: your rail cargo reaches the German border within three hours. Many destinations in Europe can be reached by train within a day. Because of the short travel times rail transport is ideal for transporting your cargo rapidly across long distances. It also offers a good solution for transporting large volumes efficiently and quickly. More than 250 weekly intermodal rail cargo services start and end at the port of Rotterdam. Transportation by rail offers excellent opportunities for transporting containers, dry bulk, general rail cargo and chemical products. Many of the terminals in the port have their own rail transfer facilities so that cargo can be placed on a train immediately at the terminal. Navimodal Logistics makes intermodal transport available for everyone, no difficult scenarios or business cases. We will investigate the best option the sector has to offer and inform you all the suitable routes for your business, so together we optimize your supply chain. Intermodal transportation is favoured throughout the world as it offers environmental benefits such as reduced CO2, particulate matter, N2O emissions, and lower diesel fuel consumption during this era of rapidly depleting natural resources.

Transportation by short sea

Intermodal transport is not the only service we can offer. Inland shipping is a reliable, safe, efficient and sustainable way of transporting cargo between the port of Rotterdam and destinations in Europe. Via transport per barge, large volumes of goods can be transported at low costs and with low CO2 emissions per ton. Transported by water, your cargo sails straight past traffic congestion and roadworks and can even reach Germany without having to pass through locks. The port of Rotterdam is ideally located at the mouth of the Rhine and the Maas and provides high-frequency connections to destinations in the whole of Europe. From the terminals in Rotterdam an extensive fleet of inland vessels transports your cargo via the Maas and the Rhine directly to the major economic centres in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Switzerland and Austria. Connections to the Main and the Danube ensure that transport of cargo by water as far as the Black Sea is possible. Sailing times vary from less than a day for destinations in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, to four days for example from Rotterdam to Basel in Switzerland. The flexible and modern fleet of thousands of small and large inland vessels can be put to a wide variety of uses. It can transport dry and liquid {link naar Navis Liquid Solutions} bulk, containers {link naar Navis Global Solutions} and project cargo. Inland shipping is strong in long-distance transport, but when combined with road transport for shorter distances it can also offer an interesting alternative to using road transport for the entire route.
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